The University Registrar's Office is an integral part of the education of every student at Northwestern State University—a never ending relationship.  The Registrar's Office is the only office on campus that deals with every student in some form or another either through admission, registration, dropping and adding classes, midterm and final grades, graduation, or requests for official transcripts.

We cater to the needs of students in a beneficial way and we are guided by the philosophy of our office to treat students with patience, understanding, respect, and to convey service in a courteous and helpful manner.  All activities, functions, and sharing of personal and confidential information about students are done in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 as amended.

We abide by, communicate widely, and administer consistently the policies and regulations of Northwestern State University to students in a faithful and truthful spirit of intent.  We are flexible, guided by a commitment to serve, and devoted to achieving the mission, goals, and objectives of this institution.

We welcome your comments, observations, and inquiries.  Please contact our office; we look forward to having you visit our office in person or on-line.


Lillie Frazier Bell

University Registrar