2013 -2014 Louisiana Master Course Articulation Matrix


Courses on the Matrix:


The leftmost columns of the matrix shows a list of course by their Common Numbers and Titles.  They are grouped by General Education categories:  English Composition; Mathematics; Natural Sciences; Humanities; Fine Arts; and Social/Behavioral Sciences.  Each additional column shows the course at a particular institution.  Matching courses listed in the rows will be accepted in transfer, as indicated. 

·        Students are encouraged to complete course sequence before transferring, whenever a major requires a sequence (e.g., foreign language, lecture & lab, etc.)

·        When a campus lists a course number on the matrix as ***, it will credit the course in transfer ‘by title’ – it does not offer an equivalent course.

·        A course entered as – indicates that the campus offers that course at a different credit value than the row indicates, e.g., calculus for 4 –credits rather than 5 –credits.  Contact the institution about the transfer, e.g., the option of a departmental exam for full credit when transferring with a lower-credit course.

·       Courses that do not appear on the matrix may still be accepted for credit!  Students are urged to ask the receiving institution about other options.