Resignation from the University


At some time it may be necessary for a student to leave school. If this should occur, the student should not leave without completing an official resignation that will protect his or her academic standing. Please note carefully:


1.    Students who drop all courses in which they are registered must officially resign from the University.


2.    Students must initiate the resignation process in the office of their academic dean by completing a resignation/cancellation form or log on at


3.    A student may resign from the institution with grades of “W” prior to a date specified in the official University academic calendar.


4.    Students who leave the University without completing an official resignation may have grades of “F” or “WN” recorded in all courses in which they are registered and will be charged all fees associated with their registration.


5.    Students unable to come to campus and without Internet access may fax a letter of resignation to the University Registrar’s Office at (318) 357-5823.


6.   Students who do not officially resign from the University and receive financial assistance will receive an Unofficial Resignation and aid will be adjusted based on the last date of attendance. These students’ last day of attendance will be verified for all classes of enrollment through the instructor.



You cannot drop your last class via NSUConnect. If you want to change a course section or add a different course, add the desired course and then drop the course that you do not want. If you want to resign from the University, please click on the following link at RESIGNATION-CANCELLATION-FORM to download a copy of the resignation/cancellation form. Print, complete, sign, date, and fax the completed form to the Office of the Registrar at (318) 357-5823 or (318) 357-4567.  You may also scan the completed form and email it to