Grades and Quality Points


Credits at NSU are reported in semester hours.  Letter grades based on the quality of work are assigned in most courses at NSU. Grades generally used are A (4.0 - excellent), B (3.0 - good), C (2.0 - average), D (1. 0 - poor), and F (0.0 - failure).  A grade of I (incomplete) in a course means that the student’s work in that course is incomplete due to circumstances beyond his or her control, as determined by the instructor, and that completion of the work could lead to a passing grade.  Except for thesis courses or those courses in which the student is writing a formal research project-in-lieu of a thesis, incomplete grades must be removed within 60 calendar days after the official closing date of the term in which the grade was assigned. If the work is not completed within the allotted time, the grade of I will be changed to F.  Incomplete grades may be assigned to independent study courses, thesis, research, and special problem courses.


A grade of IP (In progress) means that work in a research or thesis course is incomplete, but in progress. Students enrolled in a course for which a grade of IP is allowed must remain continuously enrolled (except summer) or a grade of F will be given.  A waiver of this policy may be given by the Provost and Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs or the Vice Provost. 


The academic dean of the course can grant the student no more than one 60 day extension to complete the course work after the final day for removal of I grades provided the student has documented extenuating circumstances.  Only one extension may be granted – then after that a grade of F will be assigned if the course work is not completed by the extended date.


A course may be repeated; however, all grades earned will be calculated in the cumulative grade point average. 


A course failed or in which a required grade is not met at NSU, then repeated at another institution, will be accepted as credit.


The grade of W is used to represent an official withdrawal from a course.  The grade of WN is used to indicate that the student never attended the class.


Grades are entered on academic records at the end of each semester or summer session.  Students receive grades via the Internet following the completion of each semester. See Official Grade Types.


The quality of work done by a student is also measured in terms of “quality points.”  One who earns an A in a course is awarded four quality points for each semester hour of the course.  For example, an A in a three-hour course represents 12 quality points. Quality points earned for other grades are three quality points per hour for each B grade, two per hour for each C grade, and one per hour for each D grade.  Grades of AU, CR, NC, NR, P, S, U, F, I, W, Z, IP, and WN yield no quality points.  Quality points provide a simple method of calculating the average quality of a student’s academic work.  A student’s overall cumulative grade point average is obtained by dividing the total quality points by the total number of quality hours.


Under certain limited conditions, grades of S (satisfactory) or P (pass) may be awarded.  All credits earned or awarded through special examinations for credit, CLEP, military service, and those accepted on the basis of foreign transcripts are recorded with grades of S.  Grades of P and F may be awarded for credit earned in courses only after prior approval by the University Curriculum Review Council.