Dropping and Adding Courses


Students may drop and add courses on or before the seventh day of classes (see University Academic Calendar).  When a course is “dropped” it no longer appears on the student’s record, and fees for the class will be refunded or adjusted.


After the seventh day of classes, and before the “last day to withdraw or resign from the University” (see the University Academic Calendar), a student can withdraw from a course online using NSUConnect at https:/  Some students are not allowed to withdraw from courses without prior approval (graduating seniors, international students, student-athletes, graduate students). Upon submission of the online request by the deadline posted in the University Academic Calendar, a grade of “W” is assigned to each course.  Although “W” grades do not affect the grade-point average, excessive withdrawals reflect negatively on the student’s record, interfere with the student’s progress toward graduation, and may result in the loss of scholarships and other types of financial aid. Students should see the Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Regulations in the University Catalog to see how withdrawing from courses might affect their eligibility for financial aid. 


Therefore, it is recommended that withdrawals be limited as described below:


Classification Hours Earned Maximum Number of Withdrawals
Freshman 0-29 3


30-59 2
Junior 60-89 1
Senior 90-119 1
Senior 120 or more 1
After the Seventh Day of Classes schedule changes will be handled as follows:

• Requests for schedule changes must be submitted to the student’s academic dean and must be due to extenuating


• Students wishing to withdraw:

        Receive a grade of “W”

        Pay for the tuition and fees for the class

• Students wishing to resign:

• Receive a grade of “W” in all classes

• Are refunded 50% to 0% of their tuition (based on University refund schedule)


After the “last day to withdraw or resign from the University,” a student who cannot complete a course due to circumstances beyond the student’s control may contact his/her academic dean no later than the last day of classes for that semester to determine if the criteria are met for receiving a retroactive withdrawal.

*       Examples of cases eligible for appeal include but are not limited to documented departmental administrative errors, illness (injury to student), death in student’s immediate family, natural disaster or exceptional traumatic event, and military duty.

*      If the approval to drop a course is granted, the student must also have been passing the course immediately prior to the hardship, and the grade assigned shall be a “W”.

*       If the dean allows the student to resign, a “W” grade shall be assigned in all courses. If the appeal is approved, the dean will notify the instructor(s) and the University Registrar.

*       Retroactive withdrawal after a semester ends is permitted only by approval of a student appeal to the Registration, Credits, and Graduation Council. Information and appeal forms may be obtained from the University Registrar’s Office or by accessing the University Registrar’s Office web page at



You cannot drop your last class via NSUConnect. If you want to change a course section or add a different course, add the desired course and then drop the course that you do not want. If you want to resign from the University, please click on the following RESIGNATION-CANCELLATION-FORM  to download a copy of the resignation/cancellation form. Print, complete, sign, date, and fax the completed form to the Office of the Registrar at (318) 357-5823 or (318) 357-4567.  You may also scan the completed form and email it to