Appeal of Reported Grade


Undergraduate students who receive grades they believe do not reflect the quality of their work may appeal these grades within 120 calendar days following the academic period in which the grades were earned.  The procedure for appeal is as follows:


1.     The student should consult the instructor to see if an understanding can be reached.  The student is entitled to an explanation as to how the grade was determined and to examine any tests, papers, or other information pertinent to the appeal.

2.     If the conference is not satisfactory, the student should secure a Grade Appeal Form from the University Registrar’s Office or the office of the dean of the college in which the course was offered.  The student may discuss the appeal informally with the dean if the student so desires. 

3.     In filing a formal appeal, the student should complete the appeal form, stating the nature of the appeal, providing a detailed description of the justification, and requesting a specific action.  Since the written appeal will be the basis for the ultimate decision, the student should ensure that it is clear, complete, and inclusive of all documentation the student wishes to have considered in the appeal process.  It is the student’s responsibility to present written evidence that the instructor made an error or acted arbitrarily or capriciously in assigning the grade. 

4.     The student should submit the completed appeal form to the instructor for review.  If a solution is not found, the instructor should provide a written response to the student’s appeal, providing documentation as to how the grade was determined. The instructor’s response should include a copy of the course outline or syllabus provided to the student’s class at the beginning of the semester or term. 

5.     After having met with the instructor and obtaining his or her written response to the appeal, the student may submit the form to the head of the academic department that owns the course.  Following a review of the student’s appeal and the instructor’s response, the department head should provide his or her written opinion of the appeal along with any additional, pertinent information. 

6.     If the student is unsatisfied with the opinion of the department head, he or she may submit the appeal to the academic dean of the college offering the course.  If the student is unsatisfied with the opinion of the dean, he or she may submit the written appeal with all signatures to the University Registrar.  At that time, a meeting of the subcommittee on grade appeals for the Registration, Credits, and Graduation Council will be called to review and make a final decision on the appeal.  The University Registrar will notify the student in writing of the decision.